Chase the morning
Just look in the mirror...
I'm a lucid dreamer




Oh, nuthin’. Jus’ openin’ my fresh container of sugar gliders.

at first i thought “oh that’s awful to jam them all inside like that”

and then i saw the hole in the side

like they had cut up the tub to make a little playhouse for the gliders

and these little butts just all decided to smoosh in there at once

because sugar gliders can’t take turns aparently

Yup. Sugar gliders like to sleep squished in a big cuddlepile. That’s how they do it in the wild, snuggled in treetrunk burrows.

It’s seriously adorable.

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Foster Puppy Fail

Our foster puppy, Dill, is fitting in so well we’ve decided to keep her! moulinroux




Life’s not fair.


Cute Dogs Waiting For Their Human To Get Home

Cute dogs, Harlow and Indiana waiting for their human to get home….. Where have you been hoomin?